Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Cove "The movie"

I recently watched the movie The Cove. I was horrified how Japan are so cruel and so darn down heartless when it comes to the killing of thousands of Dolphins. An estimated 23,00o Dolphins and Porpoises are killed in Japan each year. "An estimated" no one really knows the exact numbers because they are so many. We are depleting our oceans of fish and mammals.
After watching this movie my heart ached for those animals. Why are we so cruel and don't care for the suffering of the innocent?
Why has our humanity and greed cast a blind fold over our eyes? To the point where we don't care for what or who gets killed as long as our pockets get full. Why has humanity lost the sensibility to the beauty that's in the animals?

The most important question here is what are you going to do?

If we demand they will supply. If we all get together and STOP asking for animals to be our entertainment. If we decide enough is enough, it's time to stop and make a change. Someone has to do it?

Will it be you?

Will it be you? Or will you turn a blind eye and look the other way and do NOTHING!

What example are we to our children? Do we teach them to continue our legacy of being cruel? Our legacy of ignorance? Or do we take a stand and make a change?

Some people may say: What about you and having a dog? Someone asked me that as a defense and ignorance to what they do?! What kind of a question is that, and is there an answer for that? I think not. That is totally out of content, out of someone's ignorance.

I am really upset and ache to see what people do to animals and the environment. We don't care!
Remember one thing, what you do to the innocent it will be done to you and even more. I believe in karma. And you cause suffering and pain? Guess what, soon you too will be in that situation. Wouldn't you like someone to speak out for you? Wouldn't you be thankful that someone took the time to listen to your cry. Perhaps do something to make the pain stop? Why not do that for the animals that have no voice and their cry goes unheard. Why not be their voice?

Well, the time for a change is now. MAKE THE PAIN AND SUFFERING STOP RIGHT NOW!

Start by BOYCOTTING animal parks, SEA WORLD, zoo and the CIRCUS.
Don't buy fur, animal skin doesn't look good on anyone. Don't support cruelty, NO ANIMAL TESTING!

Tell me: How long can you hear someone crying - How long can you see someone dying - Before YOU ask yourself why? Before YOU do something about it!


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I appreciate your passion for this subject. Thank you for sharing.

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