Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Cove "The movie"

I recently watched the movie The Cove. I was horrified how Japan are so cruel and so darn down heartless when it comes to the killing of thousands of Dolphins. An estimated 23,00o Dolphins and Porpoises are killed in Japan each year. "An estimated" no one really knows the exact numbers because they are so many. We are depleting our oceans of fish and mammals.
After watching this movie my heart ached for those animals. Why are we so cruel and don't care for the suffering of the innocent?
Why has our humanity and greed cast a blind fold over our eyes? To the point where we don't care for what or who gets killed as long as our pockets get full. Why has humanity lost the sensibility to the beauty that's in the animals?

The most important question here is what are you going to do?

If we demand they will supply. If we all get together and STOP asking for animals to be our entertainment. If we decide enough is enough, it's time to stop and make a change. Someone has to do it?

Will it be you?

Will it be you? Or will you turn a blind eye and look the other way and do NOTHING!

What example are we to our children? Do we teach them to continue our legacy of being cruel? Our legacy of ignorance? Or do we take a stand and make a change?

Some people may say: What about you and having a dog? Someone asked me that as a defense and ignorance to what they do?! What kind of a question is that, and is there an answer for that? I think not. That is totally out of content, out of someone's ignorance.

I am really upset and ache to see what people do to animals and the environment. We don't care!
Remember one thing, what you do to the innocent it will be done to you and even more. I believe in karma. And you cause suffering and pain? Guess what, soon you too will be in that situation. Wouldn't you like someone to speak out for you? Wouldn't you be thankful that someone took the time to listen to your cry. Perhaps do something to make the pain stop? Why not do that for the animals that have no voice and their cry goes unheard. Why not be their voice?

Well, the time for a change is now. MAKE THE PAIN AND SUFFERING STOP RIGHT NOW!

Start by BOYCOTTING animal parks, SEA WORLD, zoo and the CIRCUS.
Don't buy fur, animal skin doesn't look good on anyone. Don't support cruelty, NO ANIMAL TESTING!

Tell me: How long can you hear someone crying - How long can you see someone dying - Before YOU ask yourself why? Before YOU do something about it!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

fruits of our words

Did you know that your words are like seeds? They have creative power, meaning in the future we will eat the fruits of our words. Our words produce exactly what we say. Our words have power.
That's why it's important to make positive declarations over our lives every single day. We should be saying things like " I am blessed, I am talented, I am prosperous, I am healthy and I am creative, I am wise"
When we do this we not only hear it, but we visualize it. We are not bound to our surroundings. You have what IT takes to make your lives better. Believe it and it will come to pass.

Many of us are stuck believing what people around us are saying about us.
For example: If you had bad parents that never saw good in you. They always told you you were "good for nothing" and you grew up believing it. Those words will come to pass and your life will project what was said unto you.

Remember you have what it takes to break those words that bind you. God created us all equal no more no less. So, what is keeping you from reaching your best? The answer is YOU, your words and actions. Believe you can do anything you set your mind on, and believe mostly in YOURSELF.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Moving to a New City...San Diego

I think a change is always good. Moving on the other hand is the worst experience ever. I really hate packing and loading up to move your stuff to a new place. It took us about a week of HARD labor to get all our things packed and ready for storage. It really was a lot of hard work, at the end of each day we were so tired that every muscle in our bodies hurt. I was in so much pain that even my toe nails hurt. Talk about not being used to hard labor. I can not imagine doing this for a living!!

The day came and we went to our local Home Depo. Where we empluyed the help of two guys. That alone was another ordeal. When they saw us drive up, it was like we were giving money away or something...those guys came running towards our car. Trying to open the door to assure that they will be going with us. Luckily we had been here before and new to keep our doors locked. Now trying to chose two guys from a crowd of like fifty all surrounding your that was hard. How do you go about picking how will work and do a good job for you?
It wasn't easy, but we manage to pick a couple of hard working guys. I was impressed of how well they worked together and how hard they worked.

After all that ordeal we finally were finished and on our way to a relaxing week well spend at my sisters house.

Now in San Diego, even though it's just 2hrs from Los Angeles. It really seems like a totally different world.
Finding things in LA are so much easier and at the same time have more variety of things we like.
Now in San Diego I feel I will need more time to reagust and find "my specialty stores". But I am liking the enviroment and the people.
People here seem to be more relaxed, friendlier and not rude as a lot of people in LA.

To summerize I think our future looks good, we are excited to uncover the riches that San Diego might offer us.

Will post more later...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pick up line...

Today after my Dr. appointment. I stopped by the 99 cent store, which by the way it's the 1 dollar store now.
As I was shopping minding my own business. I came accross this guy, probably in his late 50's. He seemed like a friendly guy and I was friendly back to him.
All of a sudden I noticed he seemed like he was following me around the store. But he seemed harmless, so I ignored him.

At the check out, I looked over, and there he was checking out too. Looking at me!

Great I not only picked up groceries I also managed to pick up a guy. A total stranger!

On my way to the car, I turned around and he wasnt following me. I get to my car and all of a sudden he is there. Admiring my car, he said you have a nice car.
"Want to go for a cup of coffee"? What was I doing? Did I give him a signal that I was interested?

I picked up bell pepper, and gave him a wink?? What did I do? Nothing that I can think of. I was just being friendly.

Why is it that man get the wrong impression if a woman is being polite or friendly. Doesnt mean we want to go out.

At the car he said you want to go for a cup of coffee. I said no thank you. He continues, well can I have your phone number. No. Well, can I give you my number and you call me? I said look, I am not interested in going out. Thank you!

Finally he left.

I thought for a second, that I had some wierdo on my back and was going to follow me.

Give me a break...I wasnt even looking my best!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

After the surgery

My baby finally had her surgery. She had her surgery this past Friday. Thank God now she is home recovering.
We were at the hospital almost ALL day. We got to the hospital around 9:30 am and got back to the house about 10:00 pm!!

All this time it had been just the two of us at the hospital. I had waited for my "mother in law" to show up. She never did...according to her she got lost. Yeah right!!

I had told her to come, thinking she would want to be with her daughter.

But it turns out after an argument we got into...she thought I was trying to get away from my "duties" and not wanting to take care of my baby. What an old hag!!
Her true feelings came out...finally! I knew she really didn't want to come. But I couldn't believe it or didn't want to believe that her mother didn't want to come and baby her own daughter. But I was wrong.

Oh well enough of that.

Now it's back to being just us, I guess it's how it's supposed to have been in the first place.

My baby recovers and I had my eyes opened up. But what's most important that we have each other and our love keeps growing. Knowing who to count with and who not to. Our little circle has closed even more. But here we remain and here we will be.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


(In women of childbearing age, the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium) goes through a series of monthly changes known as the menstrual cycle. Each month, endometrial tissue grows and thickens in preparation to receive a fertilized egg. Menstruation occurs when this tissue is not used, disintegrates, and passes out through the vagina. The outer layer of the corpus (myometrium) is muscular tissue that expands during pregnancy to hold the growing fetus and contracts during labor to deliver the child.

About 3 weeks ago my partner fainted at work. I was out of town so, when I got that dreaded call from her office. I was in shock! I was scared for her and for me! She has always been very caring of her diet and taking good care of herself over all.

When one of her co-workers called me telling me that she had been taking to the ER by the ambulance. I almost fainted myself.

I came home as soon as I could and went straight to the hospital. To find my baby laying on a hospital bed all alone. My heart ached for her!!

She then told me what had happened. She said she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and soon after that she fainted. Next thing she new she was inside the ambulance.

After so many test done to her at the hospital. They did an ultrasound of her abdomen and her uterus. They saw that she had a really big grown on one of her ovaries. They let us go and next day we went to an OBGYN.
The Dr. confirmed to us that she had a growth and that it was called "Endometriosis". Located in her left ovary. The ovary size is 3 centimeters, the endometriosis she has is 9 centimeters. As you see in the first picture (above)

So the next step he suggested was to have a procedure done to determined what the next step would be. The procedure would be looking inside her Uterus by doing a Laparoscopic surgery and hand-assisted laparoscopic surgery are, "minimally invasive" procedures.

A laparoscopic surgery requires only small "keyhole" incisions in the abdomen. In the case of hand-assisted surgery, a 3-4 inch incision is also used to allow the surgeon's hand access to the abdominal organs. As a result, the person undergoing the procedure may experience less pain and scarring after surgery, and a more rapid recovery.
That was about three weeks ago. Now we are still waiting to have the approval of our insurance!!

Thank G d my sweety has not felt that bad. The reason is that I have her resting while I do most of the work.

She goes in to her job only 2 days a week, which makes it better for her to be in less pain.

All we have to do is wait for the insurance people to authorize the referral.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


About 3 weeks ago, I stayed in a Hotel in Riverside CA. I found the motel through "" Thinking that it was a good source to find a good rate and a good motel. I went ahead and booked a room. My sister and I were due to an orientation in UCR.

Our one night turned into a NIGHTMARE! All night we could hardly sleep. I felt bites all night long. But being a paranoid person, I just thought it was my brain working over-time. I thought okay, is not the bed( It can't be the bed). So, it must be my brain and my nerves.

In the morning around 5am. I woke up and asked my sister, how well she had slept. So, I asked did you sleep well? She said; I didn't fall asleep! All night long I felt like little animals were crawling on me. I screamed and told her I felt the exact same thing and added that I felt biting!!We both jumped out of bed and looked at each other with horror.

When we pulled the covers off the bed. The bed was covered in blood smudges. Both my sister and I had been an "open buffet" to BED BUGS!!

We had bite marks, that until today I can still see all over my body. I was really horrified and grossed out. If my post helps anyone...please do not stay here.

My worst nightmare came true. I was devastated! I have visit third world countries and I have never experience such horror! On top of that I am in the bedding industry so, I know how nasty this bugs are and how unsanitary this place must be to have bed with bugs. We got out of there so fast we didn't even want to bring anything back. We wanted to burn our clothes and everything we were wearing. Those bugs come back to your clean home in your luggage, shoes anything they can hold on tight. I trashed everything I had on that day including my bags.

Here is the info of the motel if you or anyone you know is looking to stay in Riverside, CA



Budget Inn in Riverside, CA
1911 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92507