Tuesday, September 09, 2008

After the surgery

My baby finally had her surgery. She had her surgery this past Friday. Thank God now she is home recovering.
We were at the hospital almost ALL day. We got to the hospital around 9:30 am and got back to the house about 10:00 pm!!

All this time it had been just the two of us at the hospital. I had waited for my "mother in law" to show up. She never did...according to her she got lost. Yeah right!!

I had told her to come, thinking she would want to be with her daughter.

But it turns out after an argument we got into...she thought I was trying to get away from my "duties" and not wanting to take care of my baby. What an old hag!!
Her true feelings came out...finally! I knew she really didn't want to come. But I couldn't believe it or didn't want to believe that her mother didn't want to come and baby her own daughter. But I was wrong.

Oh well enough of that.

Now it's back to being just us, I guess it's how it's supposed to have been in the first place.

My baby recovers and I had my eyes opened up. But what's most important that we have each other and our love keeps growing. Knowing who to count with and who not to. Our little circle has closed even more. But here we remain and here we will be.