Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hair color...

We had our first day off from work yesterday. One of the things on my to do list was color Dragon's hair. I wanted something dramatic, like a fiery red.
But she didn't go for it! So, we decided to go for a dark burgandy with some highlights. And I did it myself...I am so proud of it!
Take a look and tell me what you think, personally I wanted a little bit more highlights. But no, when she says no is no. Gah there is no trying to convence her. But it turned out nice!
Take a look...

This is the hair cut I wanted for her, but it turned out to be shorter. It still looks nice, here is a sample of the hair cut.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Last night

We had a wonderful night...It had been a while since we spent time together in bed doing nothing but talking. I know that I had been a little on the cold side and it's not because I have stopped loving her. Sometimes you just have so much going on that your personal life takes a back seat.

Well, last night it was wonderful. I came home early, and since she arrived home we went into the bedroom and watched a movie and just cuddled. It was amazing! At the end we ended up making love to seal things off. Everything we did was wonderful.

Today Dragon tells me she has noticed a change in me. That for some reason I wasn't completely present. But that the last two nights had been different. It had been great to share our thoughts, have time to talk, to open up. And be together...

I believe that whatever relationship you are in, if you wish to keep that fire burning you need to have good communication, sincerity, and most of all, respect for one another. And that is the secret to a good partnership a good balanced loved life.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Old and alone...

Today we went out to Souplantion for dinner. While we were waiting in line for them to seat us, I notice this old man by himself and I became sad for him. He didn't look sad, but he looked lonely. He was all alone eating his dinner by himself. And as I saw him all I could think was, I don't want to get to be his age and be alone.

Specially when you have grown surrounded by a big family with a very close bond. And I having chosen to live and be united to Dragon. She doesnt want any kids, in the begining I did. But only for the same reason, I don't want to grow old and find myself alone. Just like the man we saw at the restaurant.

In the other hand what guarantee do I have that if I have any kids, that they will be with me at my old age? No guarantee at all!
That has been one of the reasons why I have stopped trying to convenice Dragon to have a baby. I know for sure she is not having one. Because she doesn't like kids nor wants any.

Growing old is that becoming a burden on your loved ones? I took care of my mother and didn't leave her side until she passed away. I could not imagine leaving her to live by herself. I just had devoted my life to her and I was happy to be with her. But what happens to people like me, no kids, no family the only one to be with me is Dragon. What if one of us gets sick along the way and we find ourselves alone...and old. Not being able to restart another family. So you end up all alone.

Just like that old man we saw tonight, having dinner alone. Was he happy? He didn't look sad. He didn't have anyone to start a conversation with.

What if he doesn't have anyone by his side to bring him a glass of water at night...what if he gets sick, there's no one with him to know. How sad don't you think?

I don't know maybe I am just scared of growing old.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sripper Show...

The actual pictures of the last two strippers, what is your opinion??

So, we went to the bachlorette party last night. To get a better detail about each stripper go here, my sweetheart gives you detailed descriptions of the three guys. I have found the pictures of the two last strippers.

We showed up to the party as we walked up to the door they had a sign that covered the door saying, "What happens inside stays inside". I knew things were going to get out of hand.
Dragon and I both wore camoflage pants and we sexied them up with cute tanktops...we showed up and afer being there like 20 minutes this girl shows up. I thought at first she was a man, that it was part of the show. But no, she was a woman and she was introduced as my niece's personal trainer.

Sshe saw that we were dressed in camoflage and starts to make jokes and I made my own jokes about it all leading to sexual acts. She actually turned out to be the life of the party -- she was loud, crazy and HORNY as hell.

She starts drinking, and by the time those guys show up she is making a total fool of herself and making us laugh. Her antics made all of us have fun.

At one point the stripper asked her to take all the dollar bills he had on him using her mouth. She was happy to do it. At one point her boobs just pop out, those things were jiggling everywhere while she sucked on the stripper's SWEATY BALLS...gross.

At one point one of those guys found his way to the back of the room where we were. Imagine this this almost naked guy smelling like cheap cologne. Sweat is all you see...he starts climbing on my chair and all I can do is quickly turn my head to the side to keep from having some of this guy's sweat splash on my face. I am so grossed out, as I am turned away he manages to rub his stomach on my shoulders....NASTY! All I do is jump from that chair and quickly run to the kitchen sink and wash my arms with soap. I couldn't believe this idiot thought I wanted him to do that. I wasn't even close to the crowed to make him think it was okay for him to do that.

I cannot believe women get so wild about strange men feeling up on them. I cannot believe you would allow any jerk to walk up to you and start to feel up on you...well, its the same thing. These guys were all over these 'girls boobs...and did things that are not worth to talk about. A total stranger!

Why do the girls feel they need to do that? Why does it turn them on? Are they that willing all the time? And they just don't admit it to themselves until this oportunity persents itself and they let loose??

Over all we had fun watching them make a fool of themselves.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Wedding Bells...

Wait those Wedding Bells are NOT for niece is getting married next Sunday. She is spending so much money. Everything has been planned perfectly and we can just hope that every aspect of her wedding is a dream come true. But we all know things happen and things tend to go wrong. But over all I wish her the best.

Wedding's to are over spend all this money and it's over in few hours. Why not just make a simple wedding for close family and friends. Save the money and use it as down payment for your house.

I personally never saw what the whole deal is about making such a big event. Specially if you are living together already.
I just don't see why we need to spend many many thousands of dollars and have everything gone in a matter of hours. Everythings over and the money Gone! What a waste, don't you think?

The good thing is tomorrow we are going to a bachelorette party...Drinks and naked men. Yay!!
One thing about those parties, I hate it when those guys get to close to me. Please dance and do what you have to do. But please don't come close to me, I get grossed out. I am so weird I know. I just feel like they are unclean, sweaty...yuck! Don't touch me...or come to close to me.

Tell you guys all about it tomorrow....

Please give a warm welcome to my renter...come over and visit.

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People do crazy and odd things all the time. Keep up with the latest happenings in the Odd Planet.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sleeping Beauty...

Sleeping beauty...I had to share with you a picture I took of Dragon. This picture was taken on one of our first sleepover, she was naked looking very sexy even while she slept. I woke up before she did and as I looked at her, she looked amazing! She looked so beautiful almost angelical and I felt myself falling in love with her. And knew I would be with her and it would be forever!

In this picture she had sneaked in to my house the night before. It was back when I used to live with my mother. I sneaked her in and it was one of our first nights we had sex...It was amazing. She looked amazing!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

20 things about me...just in case you wanted to know

I have come across some blogs that have done the following. I believe they are called "memes"

I am making my own-

1-What's the first thing I do when I get home from work-
Change out of my work clothes, specially take off my bra.

2-Favorite alcoholic beverage-
Midori sour or apple martini

3-Favorite movie-
The Godfather

4-Favorite class in High School-
History and Geography

5-Coke or Pepsi
Pepsi (when I used to drink them, I no longer drink carbonated drinks)

6-Top or bottom-
Bottom ( because I love the attention)

7-white or black-

8- Favorite piece of furniture-
My recliner and my KING size memory foam, Beautyrest one sided HUGE pillowtop bed

9-One thing I can not be without-
Good cup of COFFEE

10-Favorite sex position with a man-
Doggie style

11- Favorite sex position with a woman-
Her lips on my______

12- Straight or Curly-
Curly ofcourse

13-Favorite food-
Persian and Italian food

14- Naughty or Nice-

15-Cold or Hot (weather)-

16- Rain or sunshine-

17-Favorite topic in a group conversation-

18-First kiss-
Age 17 my first boyfriend

19-Childhood memory-
Making paper boats while it rained and putting them on the curb, watching as the water takes the boats until they dissapear.

20- Paper or plastic-

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Stalker or Loneliness?

As you all know I work at a major skincare company. I have a lot of people calling me all the time. Some are long term faithful customers, others are like the lady I will tell you guys about. She called asking for a Spanish speaking rep. So, her call was transfered to me. She began telling me about her skin problems and issues, and like always I ask what is the first thing and the one thing you want to focus on first. So, I make up a personal skin regimen. She buys always, I include a gift to all my customers. And that usually gets them hooked.

Well in our conversation we started talking about other natural things she could take or eat. One of them was goji berries, and how good they are for you. One week later I get a box at work with four bags of goji berries from this lady. I was surprised and thought it was sweet of her. I called her to give her thanks...she had me on the phone for almost an hour and a half. My gosh lady...she talked about her family, how my voice reminded her about her sister in law, etc etc.

So, as gratitude for going through the trouble of sending me something, I turned around and send her another gift. This time thinking it was going to end at that point. But NO...three weeks later, I had forgotten about her. Then she calls me again. She wanted to say thanks, and so it went another hour of talking about things I really shouldn't need to know. Things that she shouldn't have shared with me. Now at this time, I think this lady is lonely. She probably doesn't have anyone to vent to. So, I'll be nice and be friendly which is something I am really good at.
I am hardly ever in a bad mood. As soon as I get to work, my baggage is left at the door. And a "work" me, a sales person me comes out.

Well, as I am talking to her she tells me; "I've told my husband that I want to go to San Diego for the summer". She lives in Texas. And I said that would be lovely. Then she asks is San Diego far from Los Angeles? And I say no, not really about 3hrs.
He tone of voice got very excited, and she said I will tell my husband to take me to see you. I really would love to meet you. All this time she was very excited telling me all this. All I could say was, yes that would be nice. She asked don't you guys have a Spa where you work and I said yes. Well then its set we will meet at the Spa and meet each other.
I am thinking okay, but some how I am feeling a little uncomfortable about the whole thing.

This week I get another box from her, filled with more Goji berries and other wonderful things. Things that I like...and I am very hard to please. How did this person know that I was going to like the things she sent me? And why does she feel the need to send me stuff...? Don't get me wrong I am not a mean person that doesn't appreciate little things like that. But from a stranger, someone that has only listened to my voice.

Do I inspire confidence to her? Because she talks to me about things you would only tell your best friend. Does she feel lonely and in need of someone to offer her an ear?
She doesn't give me the impression of being a bad person. Just a lonely person in need of a friend.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Visit my renter!

I've heard my new renter has some intersting topics on her blog you might enjoy reading. Why don't you stop by and send her my love!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Family time...

Saturday came around...we had a busy day ahead of us. First of all, most of the day was spend with my family. First we went to a Bridal Shower, and after that we went to my brothers house to see Oscar De la Hoya fight...I know Dragon doesn't really enjoy this time when I visit my family. But I had a blast, I needed to be around my family. I missed not being with them! Sometimes it feels like I have given up a lot of my family time. Because as much as Dragon says she enjoys their company. I know she rather not be around them. But what can I do? it's my family and we have a really strong connection.

I had a blast Saturday...and I was happy!

I think we need to come up with some neutral ground, either she stays behind while I visit my family and she does her own thing. But I think I have neglected my family long enough. I love them, and they are fun to be with. I know is hard for Dragon to understand the connection we have. Since she is not close to her family at all. So, she doesn't understand the bond we have. So, it's hard for her...even though she pretends to enjoy herself. I know she does it for me. But I don't think is fair for me to ask her to be in a crowd where she isn't really really enjoying herself.
As much as I want her with me, I think she needs time alone and do the things she wants to do by herself.

I can not expect her to sacrifice being with my family, because I am not willing to do the same for her. When she visits her mom, she goes by herself. I just can not seem to connect with her mom at all. Don't get me wrong, I have tried. But she is difficult and she knows it, that's the reason why she doesn't ask me to come along with her anymore.

So, to come to a conclution, I think we need to have our family time...and do it alone. With eachothers family. And not expect the other to have fun. Specially when the other family members talk in a foreign lenguage. Her mom talks to her in Mandarin, and my family most of them are bilingual but in meetings we tend to joke around in Spanish. Thus making the other person feel left out.

Sometimes is hard to manage both words and still remain friends!

Femme, Butch or what the hell are you?

If there is something that I find irresistible is a woman's sexuality. I myself feel attracted to very sexy, feminine women. I don't understand why some lesbian women are attracted to hard core-butches? I really don't understand that. I know we all have our differences about everything. I think if I am going to be with a woman that dresses like a man, acts like a man, wants to be treated like a man. Then why not just be with a man?

I really don't understand that at all. I feel I am really attracted to women and that means everything about a woman. I don't want her acting like a man or dressing like a man. I want her to be as sexy as she can be. Dress up, use makeup, look and feel sexy. Her sexuality makes me desire her.

Isn't that the whole reason why you look for a woman in the first place? I love feeling a woman's soft body, her delicate way about her. Someone that knows she has it and knows exactly how to use it. And make me want her.

If you dress like a man, cut your hair short and start acting like a man... if I were to see you in a dark street I would totally think you are a man. Then what's the point? If I were attrated to a "butch" then I would be attracted to men. If that was the case than I would be with a man!

There are so many lables out there that make everything so confusing...why do we need lables? Why do you want to look like a man? If you are a woman then act like one too!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A personal Letter

Some time ago, actress Julia Roberts was asked what object she valued most. “I have a letter from my daddy,” she replied, “the only letter that I managed not to lose as a child…if anybody ever took that away from me, I would just be destroyed. It doesn’t mean anything to anybody else, yet I can read that letter 10 times a day, and it moves me in a different way every time”

Do you have something that it’s insignificant to everybody, yet to you it means the world that you cherish so much in your life?

I do several…and all are from my mother. The one that stays with me at all times is a ring I had given her. She had it on when I drove her to the hospital (another thing I have to share with you guys) She had already stopped breathing. As they resuscitated her, afterward we walked in to see her and she had her eyes open and she had tubes in her mouth, she could no longer talk. I believe she was well aware of her surroundings, and it made her uneasy. As I reached for her hand trying to calm her down a little, as I kissed her hand I noticed she was wearing the ring I had given her. As I went to take it off, she reacted and kinda of pulled her finger away. But when I told her “mom it’s me” she let go. And that was the last day she wore that ring. Now I wear it all the time. And every time I look at it, it makes me think of her.

I miss her so much!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

There when you need it

There when you need it

When I donated blood some time ago, a nurse gave me a card to read while pint of vital red fluid was flowing out of my vein. The card showed the percentages of people who have different blood types. Here are some of them:

O-Positive 37.4%
A-Positive 35.7%
A-Negative 6.3 %
B-Negative 1.5%

The rarest, AB-Negative, is found in only 1 in 167 people, or 0.6% of the population. Then the card made this eye-catching statement: “The rarest blood type is the one that’s not there when you need it.”

Gas Prices

This is pretty nifty. Just enter your zip code in the site below, and it tells you which gas stations have the cheapest prices (and the highest) on gas in your zip code area. It's updated every evening. Gas