Thursday, June 29, 2006

Potluck and goodbye's

The mail room guy is moving and leaving our company. He has decided to move to Texas...Why?
I guess the cost of living is less over there. He said he bought a house half the price he sold his house here. So, he was happy he was going to have some money left over. He is actually building it from ground up. He said what he paid for his house in Texas he could have found an old run down house in Los Angeles.

I know the cost of living is high in California and houses are in great demand. No one wants to sell...And the few homes available are extremely expensive. Is true is expensive and hard for people to become home owners, but who wants to live in Texas? No me! I love California...I am a true California girl. Everything you want is here for instance, you want to go to the beach we have them, you want to do some mountain claiming we have it too. You want to go river rafting we have it, and let's talk about the best weather. The weather is perfect year round, not too hot not too cold.

OH STOP IT!! We do not have earthquakes all the freaking time!!!!

Well, good luck friend in your new journey...

Tomorrow to say goodbye to him we have planned a surprise potluck party for him. He is going to be surprise. He is a very jolly, always has a smile on his face type of guy. He will be missed.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

FUTBOL (soccer) Fever... GO ARGENTINA!!!

Yesterday I was very excited about the game Mexico vs Argentina...ofcourse my heart was for AREGENTINA all the way. My brother was visiting from San Diego. We had gone out dancing on Friday so, he was had spend the night over. I told him he had to stay for the game, we ended up not only watching the game the two of us but we invited my sister and her family...we ended the game with a celebration "carne asada". It was a great game that ended the day with a good family celebration. Not that we need much to celebrate or have an excuse for a party. Over all it was a good day!


Saturday, June 17, 2006

5 things as if you care....

5 things in my refrigerator:
1. A bottle of wine
2. A bottle of Feta cheese
3. Last nights dinner still in the same pot I cooked it in (some one thinks putting food away is making sure they get put away in the frige. That means in the same container it was cooked in)4. Organic milk
5. Pomogranate juice

5 things in my closet:
1. Many many pairs of shoes still in the same box they came in
2. Clothes with tags still on from last year
3. A box of “moms dresses” from when she passes away
4. A box of hats since I don't do well in the sun
5. A big shelf with lots of hair products and make up

5 things in my purse:
1. Advil
2. Medicine and Vitamine container
3. Sunblock lip gloss for my lips
4. A checkbook and wallet
5. Gum

5 things in my car:
1. Music CD's
2. A small Cross
3. A bag of items I need to return or exchange
5. Handicap sign from when my mom used to ride with me (that I hate to admitt sometimes comes in handy)

5 people that get tagged: Do I know 5 people?


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

By the way...the inspiration for my tattoo

My first tattoo!!

Well here it is...finally got my first tattoo. It does need more work the band is going to go all around my toe... It was painful, but not as painful as I had imagined. You guys like it?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rules, rules, rules… What about sex?

I have this book that someone gave to me awhile back. It’s about what to do and what not to do on dates.

Okay so, I know I am not supposed to talk about my exes, nor do should I compare my boyfriends to the new prospect. And don’t call him…hmm?

Well, there is also that question that has bothered me all the time, when is the right time to sleep together? Who determines when you are a slut because you slept with him on your first date, or who is to say that sleeping with him on my fourth, fifth date doesn’t make me a slut? When is the time to get involved and when is it a mistake?

I remember dating men and when there was physical attraction…I could hardly control myself. And couldn’t care less when was the appropriate time to jump his bones!! I just wanted to FUCK him…(excuse my boldness). But I managed to control myself.

But does that drive men away? Does that make it weird…you would think by now I would know the answers, but NO…I never figured it out. And to me it was all a mind game. A game I hated to be a part of.

How much sexual intimacy is good to share? And how much is TOO MUCH?

I know men pursue women as a sexual trophy, and if you sleep with them then all interest is gone. They have gained what they wanted; now there is nothing that’s interesting to hold them with this person. And they move on to the next prey.

I believe that if you find someone and you have a lot of things in common and become physically attracted to each other…stay with them and learn everything about that person, and with time you either realize she or he is what I need in my life. I will make a life with her or him.

We live in such difficult times, where a person that shares a lot of your interests is hard to find. When you find that they could have something to give, stick to them and learn what makes them interesting.

My brother is a typical MACHO guy, he dates easy women and gets them into bed. He gets what he wants from them, uses them and walks away. Yet he has this idea that he wants to marry a virgin…come on he is living a dream. It is so hard to find someone much less someone that is a virgin, especially when all you want is jump into their pants.

Well being that way got him into trouble, he got a lady pregnant. Someone he can barely stand to be with. She intentionally got pregnant! And since he has a baby with her he has to be around her to make his son happy. She calls him all the freaking time…it really gets on everyone’s nerves because she calls him even though he is only visiting us. She somehow imagines that we have many lady friends we are waiting to introduce to him…lady get a life!

Now if I was a man, that would totally drive me away. I know he is unhappy and he tries to find someone that can make him happy. But his search is long…will he find her? Maybe. But certainly not if the crazy lady is in his life…Meanwhile what happened to the ideal of the virgin he wanted to find?

What is your opinion? What is your experience… especially you guys out there, tell me what you think.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

HOT stuff...

This weekend we had the warmest weekend of the year. But today was different; it was cloudy and raining in some parts. Since we live very close to the beach we get that wonderful ocean breeze. But on Sunday not even that breeze was enough. We had all our windows open. We wore close to nothing breathable clothing, but it wasn’t enough. I am really NOT looking forward to the summer at all!

When I am hot I get very temperamental and go off for every little thing. And suffer from monster migraine headaches. I felt so bad Dragon was there at the receiving end taking all my crap.

So, I suggested and pleaded to her to help me by giving me a back scrub (of course with some of our sugar body scrubs from work) and that immediately changed my grumpiness! I felt cooler and more myself. Plus I love the attention!

That got me thinking…I needed to schedule a full body massage. (This time not with Dragon’s boss) but with a professional. If you recall we have a spa in the lower level of our offices from where I work. Well, I am in for next Wednesday, a deep tissue full body massage!!

If anyone out there hasn’t received a massage or facial by a professional esthetician, or massage therapist I highly recommended. Believe me it’s worth every penny.

For those who get them on a regular basis, which one is your favorite?
And what are the positive feedbacks you have after getting one. Do you yourself recommend it to your friends and family?

Have you had a bad experience and would like to share it…?

I remember a few years back I got a massage in Palms Springs. The lady that gave me the massage had the hands of an angel. And the ambience she had created you actually felt you had gone to heaven. She remains to this day the BEST massage therapist I ever experience. And I am very picky…

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What a fuck up...

Today I trade my shift at work with this co-worker that had something important to do. She works from 9am-6pm. I work from 6am-3pm (usually, when not doing OT) anyway, I thought oh goody will get sleep in!

I was so happy...well this morning my alarms wakes me up at 4:30 I get up jump into the shower, was about to pick what I was going to wear when I remember...shit, I dont have to be at work until 9am!!!!!! *&%$*#$@^&@%@$!!!

I was so pissed off, so standing there naked. I turned the lights off and jumped back into bed naked and fell instantly went back to sleep.

Where is my brain sometime!

Are you really that drunk?

Is it possible to get so wasted that you don’t remember what you do? Especially when you have made a pass to someone… I don’t know. It was funny; we went out on Friday night to “happy hour” with the same people we usually go with. The only difference was that I invited my brother and after a few drinks he suggested we go dancing. I was glad to go, I actually miss not going out to dance. So, we said yes. My brother also invites Dragon's BOSS. Now at this time the guy is already pissed drunk, but he tells us that if we want to go he is willing to go as well. He also made it a point to tell Dragon that he feels awkward because he is her boss and he didn’t want to change the image Dragon had of him. She told him that whatever happens happens, that what ever we do outside the office stays out of work. So, he came.

Along the way he gives me a head and neck message while Dragon is driving. All is fine…I don’t think much of it. As he was massaging my neck he tries to go down to my BOOBS! What the FUCK!

Does he know what he is doing? Or is he playing drunk and knows perfectly well what he is doing? Now on the dance floor as Dragon danced with my brother and I danced with him…again, he tries to go for my boobs. So, I manage to slowly lower his hands so he doesn’t feel a big rejection. And I continue dancing like nothing has happened…

Now, I wonder do drunken men remember what an ass they have made of themselves, or is it just an act? He is a very nice guy, so I will not hold it against him. He has no clue either that I am Dragon’s partner. Nor do we want to tell them. Just something I was wondering.

I did ask my brother the same question. And according to him, when he gets really drunk he remembers bits and pieces, but not everything. One day my brother was so drunk he was driving his car and a cop pulls him over. The cop notices that he is too drunk to drive. Tells him to pull over and park his car. Then the cop offers him to drive him home. My brother is so lucky…why didn’t he get thrown in jail, I have no clue. But this cop takes him home, waits for him to get in the house and drives off.

The next day my brother can’t remember where he had parked his car. He had to report the car stolen and wait until he got a parking ticket to know where his car was. So, maybe it’s possible he didn’t know what he was doing. What is your opinion, have you guys had a similar experiences?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tattoo Conflict...

I have always wanted to get a tattoo...But have never had the guts to go agaisnt what my family thinks. I know they will go crazy if they were to find out I have gotten a tattoo. Magically and yes, I do mean magically. I managed to rent my back guest house to a couple, he is completely covered in tattoos. If I would have seen him when they came over to see the guest house. I wouldn't have rented it to them. So, in a way I do understand my family's point of
view. I immediately frowned when I saw him come in. I was devastated and thought I had made a big mistake.

it turns out they are really friendly and nice people...from what I can tell so far. He is a counselor for teens in trouble or in gans. And she is a manager for some company. Both have tattoos on their bodies.
He is also a tattoo artist...gee you don't say!

I printed some pictures of a tattoo I have been thinking of getting for years. He is now working on it on getting the design. But do I really want to go through this? Is this really who I am and want to do? Most important question, will I regret getting it later when it's too late?

Is my family's point of view stronger than my wanting to get a tattoo? Or do I have some reservations on the idea of getting a tattoo? Does it even go with my persona, most likely NO!
I am NOT afraid of needles so, its not being afraid that stops me from getting it.

Will my point of view about people with tattoo change after I become part of this group...

Or will I get one and hide it to my family just the same way I hide my sexuality...most likely yes. I guess you can say I am afraid of being judged, critized and not being accepted by the people that are most important to me. My family!

I still have some thinking to do, and some soul searching. Will getting one make me a stronger a little bit more careless person.
Or will I ever have the courage to tell them, either you accept me for who I am. If you don't well, bugger off. Most likely I will end up hiding it. And that is not the purpose.

Please help me welcme my renter

She has two mottos-

1. Live life to the fullest

2. Don't have any regrets. I'm married to a wonderful man, and I work as an ER nurse. I enjoy my garden, good music, photography, cooking great meals and having a good time with my friends, oh, and I really love reptiles.

Friday, June 02, 2006

I am Back

Sorry, I have taken some days off. My niece's wedding messed me up, after finding out she has spend over $90.000 dollars on her wedding. And she had to make three loans to pay for brain just decided to shut down on me. Take a look at the place where she had her wedding. It has the most amazing views.

Why must you feel the need to spend so much money on a wedding that last ONE day??? I really don't understand that. True it was the best wedding I have ever attended to, but over 90 thousand dollars? No, not for me. Just to tell you something about the place. The owner is no other than Donald Trump.

Besides the money issue she looked really pretty with her $10.000 dollar dress! What I most enjoyed was she had an OPEN BAR all day long!!!! Yeah...!
She also had a live band from Colombia that played latin music all night long...the food was great. Filet Mignon and Lobster in a delicious creamy sauce...yummy. I just found out that the dinner was $100.00 each plate!!

She also had a chocolate fountain with Strawberries, pineapple and so many other things you could was like I said a great wedding.

I had one of my co-workers that has become one of my best friends surprise my niece with two special songs my friend sang to her. That gave it a very special touch to the wedding. My friend has a wonderful voice. And the songs were a great touch!

Slowly my brain is starting to come around. We will post some pictures when we can.

Dragon was incharge of bringing our camera, we get there the wedding is about to start. Everyone gets their cameras out, I am ready to snaps some picture and Miss Dragon forgets to put the memory card back in my freaking camera. If looks could kill...I gave her the look of the year, she knew exactly how pissed off I was. Oh well, I am sure all my family will forward all their pictures.