Sunday, August 10, 2008


(In women of childbearing age, the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium) goes through a series of monthly changes known as the menstrual cycle. Each month, endometrial tissue grows and thickens in preparation to receive a fertilized egg. Menstruation occurs when this tissue is not used, disintegrates, and passes out through the vagina. The outer layer of the corpus (myometrium) is muscular tissue that expands during pregnancy to hold the growing fetus and contracts during labor to deliver the child.

About 3 weeks ago my partner fainted at work. I was out of town so, when I got that dreaded call from her office. I was in shock! I was scared for her and for me! She has always been very caring of her diet and taking good care of herself over all.

When one of her co-workers called me telling me that she had been taking to the ER by the ambulance. I almost fainted myself.

I came home as soon as I could and went straight to the hospital. To find my baby laying on a hospital bed all alone. My heart ached for her!!

She then told me what had happened. She said she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and soon after that she fainted. Next thing she new she was inside the ambulance.

After so many test done to her at the hospital. They did an ultrasound of her abdomen and her uterus. They saw that she had a really big grown on one of her ovaries. They let us go and next day we went to an OBGYN.
The Dr. confirmed to us that she had a growth and that it was called "Endometriosis". Located in her left ovary. The ovary size is 3 centimeters, the endometriosis she has is 9 centimeters. As you see in the first picture (above)

So the next step he suggested was to have a procedure done to determined what the next step would be. The procedure would be looking inside her Uterus by doing a Laparoscopic surgery and hand-assisted laparoscopic surgery are, "minimally invasive" procedures.

A laparoscopic surgery requires only small "keyhole" incisions in the abdomen. In the case of hand-assisted surgery, a 3-4 inch incision is also used to allow the surgeon's hand access to the abdominal organs. As a result, the person undergoing the procedure may experience less pain and scarring after surgery, and a more rapid recovery.
That was about three weeks ago. Now we are still waiting to have the approval of our insurance!!

Thank G d my sweety has not felt that bad. The reason is that I have her resting while I do most of the work.

She goes in to her job only 2 days a week, which makes it better for her to be in less pain.

All we have to do is wait for the insurance people to authorize the referral.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


About 3 weeks ago, I stayed in a Hotel in Riverside CA. I found the motel through "" Thinking that it was a good source to find a good rate and a good motel. I went ahead and booked a room. My sister and I were due to an orientation in UCR.

Our one night turned into a NIGHTMARE! All night we could hardly sleep. I felt bites all night long. But being a paranoid person, I just thought it was my brain working over-time. I thought okay, is not the bed( It can't be the bed). So, it must be my brain and my nerves.

In the morning around 5am. I woke up and asked my sister, how well she had slept. So, I asked did you sleep well? She said; I didn't fall asleep! All night long I felt like little animals were crawling on me. I screamed and told her I felt the exact same thing and added that I felt biting!!We both jumped out of bed and looked at each other with horror.

When we pulled the covers off the bed. The bed was covered in blood smudges. Both my sister and I had been an "open buffet" to BED BUGS!!

We had bite marks, that until today I can still see all over my body. I was really horrified and grossed out. If my post helps anyone...please do not stay here.

My worst nightmare came true. I was devastated! I have visit third world countries and I have never experience such horror! On top of that I am in the bedding industry so, I know how nasty this bugs are and how unsanitary this place must be to have bed with bugs. We got out of there so fast we didn't even want to bring anything back. We wanted to burn our clothes and everything we were wearing. Those bugs come back to your clean home in your luggage, shoes anything they can hold on tight. I trashed everything I had on that day including my bags.

Here is the info of the motel if you or anyone you know is looking to stay in Riverside, CA



Budget Inn in Riverside, CA
1911 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92507