Saturday, July 22, 2006


I have a co-worker that has always felt threatened by me. When I got there she was the one that basically taught me how certain projects were done. And from there I took off... I am self taught and have my personal goals. In our department we all have our "sales" goals. I love closing sales and making my goal, but I am not satisfied with simply reaching that goal. I like to go over what is expected of me, in addition to having my other obligations taken care of. So, the call me the "Star Employee" because I love to be on the spot light. That's who I am and have always been that way.

I remember at school, I got A's but that wasn't enough I had to be involved in clubs and be the school Pricipal's assistant. I have always surpassed everyone's expectations and I love pushing myself harder.

Well, this co-worker all of a sudden invented this rumor about me. I have no clue what it was but she managed to get the attention of some people. She and I are from the same country and being from there I immediately felt drawn to her. So, we started out (so I thought) being buddies.

But then her envy took over and she couldn't handle that I was being innovative and doing extra things. I totally ignored what she had done, and people soon enough saw through her. She was moved from her cubicle to be in front of the managers office, so that she could control her better. They told me that they were happy that I didn't take anything she said personally. Why would I take lies personal? The truth sooner than later came out she is not liked by a lot of people.

Now, she wants to be my friend... I told her the following: I offered you my true friendship and you turned around and talked bad about me. I will continue to talk to you and act as if nothing has happened. My friend you will never be. I respect you because we work together. If I see you outside of work, I don't know you.

You see I offered her my true friendship and her envious heart made her blind. Now she tries and tries hard to make things better... But we only have ONE chance to make a first impression.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Bad mother, makes bad tenant?

As you already know. We rent a back house to this couple, so we thought. When we first had the renter come see the apt. We asked if it was going to be by herself? And she assured us that it was her alone. Then all of a sudden she has this guy come to "help her move in". It has gotten to the point that she has 5 people living in the small guest house.
I have already raised the rent 200.00 more because she had her boyfriend staying over. Now she has her daughter, a friend and the daughters girl friend. Come on, we are not renting the apt to bring all you can.

I am trying to remain cool, and not get fustrasted or mad. Because if I were to get to that point I would ask them to empty the guest house. I am trying to be patient. Dragon on the other hand looks so at ease, relaxed and I am fustrated about the whole situation.

Last night her daughter and girlfriend seem to have become close to us as soon as they figured out we were a couple. So, they come over last night and I blurted something out that the girls mom had told me. And some how it escaped my mouth.

All of a sudden they went back to the apt. And 10 minutes later come back talking really bad about the girls mom. And how her mom was in an abusive relationship. Telling us really bad things about both of them...Why was she telling us all of this?
But all this time as they were talking, I looked at Dragon and told her you see I had a bad feeling about them. Hey, I do.

Well, it turns out that the girls had gone over to her mom and confronted her about what she had told us. And it looks like they were going trough some drama. Which I hated myself for being involved in. I really hated that they managed to pull me into their circle of confusions and arguments.
Well, it was like I meant t have started something between them by telling her what her mom had said. I thought it was nothing important that. But it wasn't like I had imagine. I need to learn to watch what I say, specially when it's in a joking none formality way.

Today Dragon and I were watching TV when the mom and the boyfriend come over wanting to talk to us about the situation. About last night...

We started talking and I confessed to them that I had told her daughter about what she had said, because I didn't think it was important or something secretive.
They started telling us thet the girls went over to their place and said that WE were talking bad about them. WTF??
Oh my god, I should have known this girls were doing something like that. Something so immature and childish. I should have known!!

We talked and for the most part it was a good conversation. I managed to tell them that I wasn't pleased about how they had 5 people living in the guest house and that I expected them to make the the changes in order to have a good living arraignment. So, over all it was a good chat and things were out on the table. Who is lying, who is telling the truth. I HAVE NO CLUE.

What would you guys have done if you were in my place?

Now today's lesson is don't make friends with tenants kids! :-}

Friday, July 07, 2006

Alone?...Let me introduce you to a friend

My co-workers don't know I am a"lesbian," oh I still feel weird saying that. I personally don't like labels. So, they think I am ALONE. And I guess being alone is a bad thing. They keep telling me you should go on a date with a friend of mine, or my other single friends tell me let's enroll on Hell, does it look like I am unhappy that I need a man to be "complete"? I have someone that loves me. The only thing is they don't know I do. I know it's probably my fault for not telling them. But I don't want to be out to them.

One of them I find out today. Took my phone and dialed this number. And she gave it to me, as I listen it was one of those freaking dating service. I could have killed her! Last week Dragon used my phone, and accidentally dialed the last number that had been dialed on my phone. And somehow this person had dialed the same dating service. And had told me call the number I left on your phone. I didn't pay attention or really understood what she meant.
When Dragon used my cell, she said why are you calling some dating service? I didn't know what she was talking about. I said I don't know how that number was dialed from my cell. Ofcourse it sounded like a BIG Lie, stupid and unbelievable. So, I asked her, what...You think I am cheating? I had no idea. And had totally forgotten what my co-worker had told me. Until I figured it out today. She had been the one to call and left the number so I could call.

My point is why do they find it so hard for to believe I am happy, if I was alone? I don't need a man to prove to them I am complete.

I know I will be in the closet just because my life is private. People at work do NOT need to know my personal life.

Though sometimes I think I am BI SEXUAL...! Damn it, I do miss having wild SEX with man. Not that I don't have it with Dragon.
But the truth is I have a very high sexual appetite, I can't believe I am saying this to you guys. Hey, if I don't say it here where else?

Dragon is going to KILL me!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Coffee Shop!

I have always wanted to open my own coffee shop. So, today I emailed Dragon and told her "I want a baby, and since I can not have babies. I asked Dragon to give me a baby. Her reply was; instead of a baby how about a coffee shop? She knew that by saying that my attention and my wanting to have a baby would automatically stop. Because opening a coffee shop has been my long time dream.

So, later on today I email her again and ask her so, where's my coffee shop? You promise to get me one...! We both started laughing so hard.

When she got home, she had done some research on some of the things I need to know about becoming an owner of a coffee shop. And it's not easy! But then again, what is? If you want something so bad that you can almost taste it. Why not do whatever it takes and go after your dreams? Easy right? Nothing comes easy, everything has it's struggles and sacrifices.
I know I have the passion and dedication to be an owner of my business. And I know I will do it sooner or later. Now all I have to do is do as much research as I can about becoming an owner of a coffee shop and the steps I need to take. Also, maybe find a part time job in a coffee house get myself in the smell, taste, get my hands dirty. In other words go and learn everything I can, see if that is what I really want to do.

When Dragon came home and was reading to me the research she had done. I told her come I am taking you out on a date. And we drove to a coffee shop called "Panera" bread. A coffee shop I had been interested in visiting, but never made time until today.
The atmosphere was great, liked that they not only served coffee but a variety of sandwiches. They bake their own variety of breads. An in house bakery. As soon as you walk in the smell of freshly baked bread wraps you.
We talked about a few changes I would do if I were to own a place like that...and kept dreaming.

Some day, some day...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Monday Night...

We had such a lovely weekend...yes EXTREMELY HOT! Dragon as talented as she is, she installed the AC after asking her to do it every single weekend. I am a pest when I want something done. Monday night and she was finishing up the installation. Oh isn't she amazing. All I could do is give her moral support. Do you need help sweety, are you sure you don't need my help? All I did was lay on hammock and read a book while she did all the work.

Well, we went to bed. It was so hot that I asked her to sleep in the spare bedroom. I was asleep when all of a sudden she jumps into bed with me and scares the sleep away from me. I asked her what happened. And she says, "There's a mosquito after me!" You can read her blog, where she talks about it. I guess there is a mosquito that is attached to her all the time? In my sleep it didn't really register... so I turned around and fell immediately back to sleep. You see I don't have any trouble falling asleep.

I don't know how much time had passed when she is moving again waking me up again. I turn around and ask, "Now what?"
"That mosquito followed me in here, I am going back to the other room." All this time I hear nothing and see nothing... what in the world is she talking about?

Next morning I wake up at around 7am and went out to water my plants before it gets hot. Came back in to the house and peeked in the room and she is sleeping.
I started to recall what she had done the night before and started laughing. When she gets up, I ask what in the world happend to yout last night? She goes over the story again about a mosquito following her around. I don't know what face I made but she got upset. "You don't believe me, you think I am crazy?"
"Well no, but maybe you imagined it." Oh boy, she was pissed off.

So, I just turned around hugged her and asked; you want me to take you to the doctor? I was just joking around with her.

And that is the story about the pesty mosquito and my sleepless baby!

Hot...Hot 4th of July weekend, at Mission Bay

Dragon and I got a 4 day 4th of July weekend. Friday Dragon didn't go to work so, she actually had 5 days off. On friday I only worked until 12. After that I got home we packed, and we were on our way. We drove to San Diego to my brothers house. He lives in a really nice place. There is a bay infront of his house and a POOL!! Take a look at a live webcam. Scenes from Mission Bay, San Diego

The weekend was starting on a good note...

I invited my nieces and nephews to come with us, they are a fun group. So, I did my rounds and picked up everyone. By the time we were on the freeway it was already 3pm. I knew traffic was going to be really bad. Everyone was starting their weekends and escaping LA. San Diego usually takes about 2hrs to get there. We on the other hand encounter traffic. So, finally got to S.D. about 6:30pm my brother was waiting for us calling me ever 30 minutes, asking are you guys here yet? We got to his store and he wasnt there. Why the heck would you be calling me and you are not here?
We waited for 30 mins and finally he shows up. By this time all of us were starving. We went straight to a restaurant.

We finally got to his house and we see a lot of people driving in with boats, bikes, jet skis...ready to have a great weekend. We got home and took a nice long walk along the bay. It was beautiful.

Next morning we jumped into the pool after watching a world cup game. We spend hours on that pool because it was so freaking hot. After we had our fun in the pool horsing around with my niece and nephews we were exausted and hungry. So, we had some home made hamburgers!!

After that we relaxed for a while and headed out again to the pool..we stayed there until about 9pm. And at 10:30 we were on our way back home.

Over all we had a wonderful time, and I can say it was the highlight of my weekend.

But it was HOT HOT HOT!!