Friday, June 12, 2009

Moving to a New City...San Diego

I think a change is always good. Moving on the other hand is the worst experience ever. I really hate packing and loading up to move your stuff to a new place. It took us about a week of HARD labor to get all our things packed and ready for storage. It really was a lot of hard work, at the end of each day we were so tired that every muscle in our bodies hurt. I was in so much pain that even my toe nails hurt. Talk about not being used to hard labor. I can not imagine doing this for a living!!

The day came and we went to our local Home Depo. Where we empluyed the help of two guys. That alone was another ordeal. When they saw us drive up, it was like we were giving money away or something...those guys came running towards our car. Trying to open the door to assure that they will be going with us. Luckily we had been here before and new to keep our doors locked. Now trying to chose two guys from a crowd of like fifty all surrounding your that was hard. How do you go about picking how will work and do a good job for you?
It wasn't easy, but we manage to pick a couple of hard working guys. I was impressed of how well they worked together and how hard they worked.

After all that ordeal we finally were finished and on our way to a relaxing week well spend at my sisters house.

Now in San Diego, even though it's just 2hrs from Los Angeles. It really seems like a totally different world.
Finding things in LA are so much easier and at the same time have more variety of things we like.
Now in San Diego I feel I will need more time to reagust and find "my specialty stores". But I am liking the enviroment and the people.
People here seem to be more relaxed, friendlier and not rude as a lot of people in LA.

To summerize I think our future looks good, we are excited to uncover the riches that San Diego might offer us.

Will post more later...