Monday, October 13, 2008

Pick up line...

Today after my Dr. appointment. I stopped by the 99 cent store, which by the way it's the 1 dollar store now.
As I was shopping minding my own business. I came accross this guy, probably in his late 50's. He seemed like a friendly guy and I was friendly back to him.
All of a sudden I noticed he seemed like he was following me around the store. But he seemed harmless, so I ignored him.

At the check out, I looked over, and there he was checking out too. Looking at me!

Great I not only picked up groceries I also managed to pick up a guy. A total stranger!

On my way to the car, I turned around and he wasnt following me. I get to my car and all of a sudden he is there. Admiring my car, he said you have a nice car.
"Want to go for a cup of coffee"? What was I doing? Did I give him a signal that I was interested?

I picked up bell pepper, and gave him a wink?? What did I do? Nothing that I can think of. I was just being friendly.

Why is it that man get the wrong impression if a woman is being polite or friendly. Doesnt mean we want to go out.

At the car he said you want to go for a cup of coffee. I said no thank you. He continues, well can I have your phone number. No. Well, can I give you my number and you call me? I said look, I am not interested in going out. Thank you!

Finally he left.

I thought for a second, that I had some wierdo on my back and was going to follow me.

Give me a break...I wasnt even looking my best!!