Friday, March 31, 2006

Pamper myself...

I went to get a long overdue pedi-manicure. And a back massage...Oh boy did I ever needed that. Even though I work for a skincare company that is all about having all its employees have an intrinsic health. And they are all about wanting to make the company have good skin from the inside out. We have a wonderful facility a spa where a lot of "Hollywood celebrities can be seen". My point is why is it that my company tries to implement us on being healthy, by teaching us to take care of ourselves and be in a stress free environment.
I know he (the Dr the founder of our company) tries to tell us that we have to focus on everything...To have the better life style. He encourages us to take care of all the areas in our life. Specially that we have to dedicate time to be spiritual, eat well, etc. etc. Yet they have this amazing MEDICAL SPA. And do you think we get random visits to the spa for free! NO! We only get a meaningless 40% off. Even with that off, the treatment in that spa are freaking EXPENSIVE. They may be worth it...But come on. I know they can at least randomly allow one employee a month to get pampered for free!
don't get me wrong, I love my work and what I do. I love the PRODUCTS, I use them all the time they actually work! (oh I wish I could tell you the name, so you guys can try it) But come on be a little bit more generous with your people, they can afford it.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Foot Fettish...anyone?

Sexy wedge high heeled shoes... For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, here's a sample. If there is something I don't ever have enough of, it's shoes. I am a magnet to shoe stores. I especially love the wedge heel. It doesn't matter how many pairs of shoes I already have, if I see it and I like it, it's mine. I think I have pairs of shoes in my closet that have never been worn. Now I know I'm not the only one with this problem. Problem? Did I say problem? What can I say, I am a very feminine person, and love the open-toed wedge shoes with a 3-4 inche heel.

Now shoes is one thing, clothes is another. I have two closets because one closet is never enough. Well, my fetishes are harmless, so I believe. But I could be wrong. Let share with you a little story...About shoes.

I had gone to New York...On my way back I was at the counter and this guy comes to me (a very good looking guy) and we started talking I noticed him looking at my feet a lot. But never thought of anything. When we were getting our seats assigned he asked, if I mind if he could seat next to me. I was having a good conversation and thought five hours...I need to be entertained somehow. So, I said I didn't mind.

After 2hrs into thr flight I took my shoes off, he then asked me if he could give me a foot massage. I found it funny...and yet didnt think much about it so, I let him...Then all of a sudden it made me feel weird a little uncomfortable. So, I put my feet down. After that he confessed that he had noticed my feet ever since I got to the counter and that he had a foot fetish! What the HELL...i let this weirdo touch my feet....and he was getting a hard on?

Weird people...They may look so normal, but you never know or can never imagine what turns them on. So, next time your at the airport and someone asks to give you a foot massage think about it twice.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

House Humping

While driving to the Pancake House we were listening to a radio station. They started talking about "House Humping". What that means is, while realtors have open house people randomly pick any of these homes and actually go into empty rooms and have sex in closets, laundry rooms, or just pick any room of the house. Why? Most of the callers said that they loved the thrill of getting caught.
Now most of the callers he had said they were never interested in buying the house, they just loved the thrill.
My question to you is, what will you do for a thrill? What would you do to spice up your love life?


Ahora mientras manejabamos a desayunar, escuchavamos a una estacion de radio que contaba de unas personas que suelen visitar casas que estan para o por venta. Ahora estas personas visitan no porque estan interesados en comprar. Sino que por que les gusta la emocion de tener sexo en cuartos vecios en estas casas.
Parecee que a estas personas les gusta saber que pueden ser encontrados por el realto o por los venderores de estas propiedades. Ahora mi pregunto es, que tanto harias tu para tener o traer siertos emociones a tu relacion? Hasta donde llegarias tu?

Funny Videos...

Now...this is getting out of control. Someone please rescue me, through me a life line a rope something... I've been here for 3hrs. I must get myself out of here.

Hope you guys need a laugh I found this funny video clip that is really funny. Enjoy it... I know I did.

If I could get you guys to smile that is worth it!

Monday, March 27, 2006

My Favorite art work...

I've had this picture of this art work...For a long time. At first the decorator inside of me, wanted to have it painted over my bed...Unfortunately I already have two big painting hanging in my room. But that doesn't mean that one day I will paint this in my room. I can just imagine how it will look, just amazing! Who wouldn't like to go to sleep and see this painting over their bed every night?

We just went through a major renovation...As many of you know, we just bought a house. Let me tell you, buying a house means having a project to do every single weekend. I don't mind because I like decorating. But it is a lot of work and A LOT of money has been invested to make it our home just the way we like it. But there is that satisfaction that no matter how much money you invest is still your home. And why not splurge on your home?

It's going to be a wonderful day for my sweetheart's birthday...It's raining tonight! I hope it continues to rain all day tomorrow. We just love the rain and if the rain keeps purring then we will enjoy our day even more. Why? We get very romantic on rainy days. And you know what that means don't ya? hmmm...we might not even wait till tomorrow. It's on tonight baby! :)

Happy Birthday!

Movie- La Mujer de mi Hermano

Movie- La Mujer de mi Hermano
I must recommend this movie to everyone- Les puedo dar una recomendacio a una pelicula seria esta.

La Mujer de mi HermanoDirector:Ricardo de MontreuilBasada en la novela de Jaime BaylyAl cabo de diéz años de matrimonio, Zoe, una bellísima y atractiva mujer realiza que su matrimonio con Ignacio ya no despierta la misma pasión de siempre. Emocionalmente desconectada ella permite a su cuñado Gonzalo, seducirla, convencida de que ayudará a reconquistar esos sentimientos. Al comienzo del romance ella se siente rejuvenecida. Pero rápidamente la situación se empieza a descontrolar cuando ella descubre que Gonzalo muy probablemente tiene sus propios motivos por quererla seducir y su esposo puede que tampoco es el hombre que aparenta ser.

Here is something I found about the founder of Herbalife's

Mark Hughes, Herbalife's Founder, Dead at Age 44
Stephen Barrett
In May 2002, Herbalife founder, chairman, and chief executive officer Mark Reynold Hughes, was found dead at his $27 million oceanfront mansion in Malibu, California. In a series of articles about the death, David Evans (Bloomberg News) reported:
Hughes died after a 4-day drinking binge, apparently from an overdose of alcohol and the antidepressant drug doxepin.
His blood alcohol level was 0.21% (more than double the "drunk driving" level).
He was being treated by a psychiatrist for a drinking problem.
Hughes said many times that he had been inspired to start his company after his mother (Jo Ann Hartman) died from taking diet pills. However, Hartman's autopsy found that she died of an overdose of Darvon, a narcotic painkiller. At the time of her death she was 5-foot-6-inches tall but weighed only 105 pounds.
This article was posted on December 17, 2004.

Have you ever felt the need...

Have you ever felt the need to take another day off...Come on lets face it, we work so hard over the week. The weekend comes around and we have a huge list of things that need to get done, before Monday comes around.
Yet we try to make the most of it, but still we need an extra day! Well, I listen to that voice inside my head telling "take another day" you deserve it. Yes, baby I have tomorrow off...And on Tuesday the 28th, its my sweethearts birthday...And I got another day off. HURRAY I get to party! I will be having myself a margaritas or two chilled on the rocks, keep them coming we are celebrating. Well, at least I will have the Margaritas...My sweetie will have water.
Hey, she doesn't like to drink. What can I say? Over all we will celebrate, with or without drinks.

Grow old along with me the best is yet to be.- Robert Browning -

...Talking about "with or without you". If there is a group that needs my attention is U2. Okay now I am just mumbling aren't I?
What i really wanted to say is, love is a battle that wasn't it either. Okay now I am totally lost. I'll get back to you when I gather my ideas.


Has tenido las ganas...

Algunas veces has tenido las ganas de tomarte otro dia libre. Mira vasta que trabajamos mucho entre semana, viene el sabado y nos encontramos con una lista grande de cosas que tenemos que hacer.
Bueno yo tome tiempo para escuchar a esa vos dentro de mi mente que me dice; "anda tomate otro dia de descanzo te lo mereces". Si, que te puedo decir lo tome. Y el Martes 28 tambien, pues es el cumpleanos de mi pareja. Nos hiremos a celebrar...Margaritas para mi porfavor!

Anda escucha a esas voces en tu cabeza que te dicen; que descances y disfruta un poco mas la vida. Solo tenemos una vivamos feliz y busquemos la salud, tanto mental como fisica!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Un poco sobre mi persona...

Un poco sobre mi persona, para los que esten interesados. Naci en la bella Guatemala C.A tierra de la eterna primavera. En realidad es un bello pais, cierto es un pais muy pequeno pero grande en riquesas naturales. Riquesas que aun siguen secretas para la majoria de las personas. Pais que es expoltado pero permanece rico en recursos naturales. Donde la luna es de plata y las mujeres son muy hermosas!
Mi padre nacio en El Salvador de desendecia Italiana. Madre nacio en Guatemala de desendecia Espanola. Buena combinacion no lo crees?
Fisicamente paresco ser del medio oriente...muchos creen que soy de Iran, Griega, etc.
Me siento muy orgullosa de ser Guatemalteca, tanto que queria tatuarme el pajaro nacional que viene siendo el "Quetzal". Pajaro lleno de esplendor y hermosura. No he visto pajaro que se le compare. No puede estar en captiverio, por que muere.

Guatemala prudece uno de los mejores cafes del mundo. Pero como es explotado el valor del cafe alla en Guatemala es vendido a extranjeros por muy poca plata. En cambio lo vende a muy buen precio, pero esto ya lo sabemos es parte de la explotacion de nuestros paises por paises que saben explotar a los paises pequenos.

Vine a vivir y ser parte de la imigracion a los EEUU. Vine de muy pequena de edad, me vine con toda la familia cuando tenia solo 7 anos. Y he hecho de este pais mi pais y si disfruto de lo que este pais nos brinda (siempre con extragos por ser hispana, latina) Pero por la mejor parte si creo que mi vida es mejor por que vivo aqui. Y de tal manera sera una mejor persona por que he tenido la oportunidad de formal parte de este pais.
Ahora tengo un buen trabajo, soy duena de mi propia casa y vivo muy comoda.

Algo si muy importante nunca perdere mi esencia quien soy. Soy latina y me siento muy orgullosa de serlo. Es por eso que dedico mi blog a ser "Bilingue" por que soy "Bilingue". Soy una mujer de habla Espanol y nunca quiero sentirme avergonsada der serlo. Soy lo que soy, soy una mujer latino americana y soy gay. Lo demas no importa o si?


Allow me to tell you about myself...
Allow me to share a little about myself. I was born in the beautiful country of Guatemala C.A. Please don't confuse it as being part of Mexico. If there is one thing I hate is this, when a person ( not from a Spanish speaking country) meets you and they know you speak Spanish. They automatically ask so, what part of Mexico are you from? Or worst they instantly think you are Mexican just because you speak Spanish! How fustrating is that... I can't believe that so many people I've met still think that Guatemala is part of Mexico. People take a look at a map, for goodness sake!

That's besides the point, my point was...oh yeah I wanted to share a little bit about myself besides the fact that I am a gay woman!

I came to the USA when I was only 7 yrs old. We moved to the "promise land" the land of milk and honey. In deed we were blessed by coming to live here. Yes, our lives changed dramatically somand we lost a little about ourselves. We come from a very close family circle. Everything we do we do it around "family" members our most memorable moments were with our family and that hasn't changed. We still remain close, for some people they might think too close! But I feel that family should be close, is what makes us who we are. Is like our DNA there will never be another family like "my" family.

Sometimes I know is hard for my sweet heart to understand the bond we have. Because everything I do my family is the first I think about. And sometimes she wishes it was different. But this is me, its who I am and nothing will change that. I myself don't understand why she doesn't have that bond with her family. But it's obvious she comes from a different background and family to her is not as important as it is for me. Understandable, what more can I say?

I and my family were so blessed by coming to the USA we came back in 1978 wow! Time does fly... I now have a good job, we have bought out first home and I live a very comfortable life. Like most people we work hard to enjoy our comforts.

Living here and becoming a citizen will never take away my identity, who I am! I am a Latina and that is why I have chosen to dedicate and start my blog in both languages. Because both are a part of me, of who I am. So, please enjoy it with an open mind.

Aren't you glad we live in a Country were there are so many cultures mixed... Its like a big bowl of jelly beans so many different flavor and so many wonderful, hey enjoy it! Take it chew it enjoy it. If you come to a flavor you don't like pick a different one.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Que pasa...

Que pasa cuando te encuetras en un camino muy dificil. Por que? Bueno dejame decirte, te encuentras enamorada de una "mujer" es muy bonito lo que sientes por ella, es verdad. Pero si eres como yo que fuistes creada y enseñada desde pequeña a ser una mujer ejemplar Cristiana fiel sierva de Dios. Donde te enseñan que el homosexualismo es pecado! No importa que razon o excusa tu puedes pecado.

Sera que con tanta traduccion de la Biblia el verdadero significado o la verdadera traduccion se habra perdido? El amor es y debe ser lo mas importante no lo crees? Por que entonces es un pecado? Es acaso amar a una mujer algo malo? Quien determina esto? Son muchas preguntas y pocas las respuestas. Quien esta correcto? Sera que todo esto fue creado por el hombre...realmente sera que a Dios le ofende que yo tenga amor para una mujer.

Lo unico de lo que si estoy segura es que si estoy enamorada de una mujer y llevamos 6 años juntas, hemos comprado una casa juntas y vivimos muy feliz. La quiero, la respeto y nos llevamos de maravilla. Nunca he tenido un amor para alguien tan fuerte como lo tengo para ella. Te digo que con ningun hombre eh tenido la union que comparto con ella. Nos entendemos sin decirnos palabras. Y nos amamos de una manera muy especial.

Jamas la dejaria y se que para ella YO soy la persona mas importe en su vida, como ella lo es para mi. Asi que mi conclucion es la siguente. La voy a amar, y tambien buscare amare a Dios por que creo que El es mi creador. Cuando venga y este ante su presencia le dire que ame a una mujer y ese fue mi pecado mortal.


What Happens
What happens when you find yourself in a difficult situation? When you find yourself falling in love not just falling in love but falling in love with a "woman". You find that you've fallen in love, and what you feel is real. Even though you know deep inside yourself that it goes against everything you believe in. When you were tought, raised thinking and believing that being a Christian and believing blindly that what the "Bible" tells you is true. I still believe in it, but what if there were mistakes done in the translation? Why is it wrong to love someone? Even if this person is a "woman".

Be glad that you have found someone that you are compatible with, because just finding that special someone is hard enough. Why must we put so much pressure on ourselves or point fingers to one another and say you are wrong, you are a sinner for loving a woman. Why must we have have so much hattered with those that don't share your ideas or because they choose to be different.

Finding someone that shares your thoughts, ideas, goals, and is your best friend. Isn't that more important? Having someone that is everything you ever hoped to be and is a much better version of yourself.

Why does loving a woman feel so wrong? Why must I feel guilty for loving her? Why is expressing my love in public offensive to some? So many questions and finding no answers. Or maybe I know the answer and don't really care to have the approval of family and religion. I know what the Bible and "religion" tells me. But isn't God more interested in me and my happiness? Loving a woman doesn't make me a bad person... a "homosexual" (a word I don't really care for I really don't care for lables!) So, I am gay, I am in love with a woman and it is my life after all! Maybe I will be condemmed or maybe I won't... only God has the answers, why should I care what people say?