Sunday, August 13, 2006

Why don't I listen to her?

About a month ago, one of my co-worker came to work very excited. She had found a Pug walking around in her neighborhood. With no tags, no kind of id. She decided to take her. She put up signs and no one came to claim the dog. About a week ago she tells me that she needs to find the dog a home. Because she can not keep it. Her parents (she still lives at home with the parents) don't want anymore pets. I immedietly said, oh I want her! Without talking it over with Dragon or anything.

When I came home I told Dragon the news...we might get a Pug. She wasnt happy at all, she said another dog? We are doing just fine with two. She was devestated that I had agreed to taking her. But I eventually get my way...

Saturday morning my friend dropped off the dog and we took all three dogs to the park to introduce them in a neutral place.
They were fine with eachother and did the regular sniffing around ritual. We get them home and the started to play around the yard, chasing eachother they looked so cute.

Pugs are very willful and super hyper, I am not used to this! And to top it off she snors A LOT all the time. I am not used to having a hyper, hard headed dog. I was regreting my desicion. All I could do is tell Dragon I will listen to you more and do what you say. Not be so determine on what I say. I regret getting the dog!

So, I told Dragon let's try to sell her. Because there is no way I am keeping the dog. My sweetheart not one time did she say "I told you so". Just one more of the qualities I love about her.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stop touching!

Today I went to the car wash. It was a different car wash than we usually go to. It was a little filthy...I am so paranoid about being in place that are dirty or look dirty. Dragon came with me, and as we walked down the hall, stopping to see my car go by. I turned around to see Dragon, she was playing with this machine...Dirty machine. I turned around and screamed STOP TOUCHING! She looked surprised and said...You sound like my mom. I in returned told her why would you want to touch anything in this place? Everything in here looks and is dirty, just keep your hands to yourself. I bet you when we get home you wont even remember to wash your hands!

Oh boy, when did I become a mother figure instead of her lover?